Local Sniper  v.1.0

Local Sniper by Jason & Susan King is a new ultimate software which will progress your business.

Reset Local Password Pro

Allows you to change passwords for local accounts from a remote computer. No need to go to the remote machine to change local Administrator or other account passwords. Change passwords on a single or multiple computers, simultaneously. A must have utility


Local Website Archive

Local Website Archive offers a fast and easy way to store websites from your browser permanently for future reference. Local Website Archive works with all browsers and also with other online tools (Email, Newsreader, etc.)

Local pinger

Local Pinger is a handy and powerful ping utility for system administrator or webmaster to check network connection. It sends echo requests to the address you specify and creates graphics of the responses received and their round trip time.

Schmap Local

Schmap Local is a clever little browser plug-in that: Recognizes and saves addresses and phone numbers as you browse the web; Links automatically with Skype, so you can call any phone number; Links automatically to a map and driving directions for any

Local IO  v.1 5

Local IO is an object oriented .NET assembly that supports the development of OPC DA 2.0 clients by encapsulating all of the OPC communications details in one assembly. Not just an OPC wrapper; you never have to deal with COM to .NET interop issues.

Corex Local  v.2 5

Corex 3 Local users will notice improved synchronisation times when compared to previous versions of Corex.

BlastStation-Local  v.1 4

BlastStation-Local is specialized to local NCBI-Blast search on your PC. BlastStation-Local provides NCBI-Blast search capability at affordable price with the same easy-to-use interface of BlastStation2.

Gmail Backup Local Files To Inbox  v.7.0

Gmail Backup Local Files To Inbox Software is a handy backup utility. The application allows you to zip and email local files to a Gmail inbox.

Find Local Businesses & Services  v.1.0

This simple to install, easy to use local business and services search widget uses the power of Bing combined with a powerful and simple GUI for users to find common businesses and services in any area with one search.

Local Recon  v.1.0

Find locations and people easily. Local Recon help you locate places and people with GPS-like technology.

Local Coordinates Model  v.1.0

Displays the position of a star in local (Altitude/Azimuth) coordinates. Local Coordinates model displays the position of a star in local (Altitude/Azimuth) coordinates. The horizon is shown along with the four cardinal directions (N, E, S, and W).

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